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First shown as part of CCA Present Futures 2021, produced by Feral

thanks to:

Jon Macleod
Anne Campbell
Ian McHardy
Euan Macleod
Cass Ezeji

Online screening, Present Futures 2021, produced by CCA,Glasgow and Feral

encourage[s] us to take a wider view and think in deep time; far into the past to the earliest forms of technology, and far into the future past the end of the anthropocene – Exeunt Magazine

Standstill of the Moon in the North (Part 1)

with Alicia Matthews

Standstill of the Moon in the North: part 1’ is a short film & initial culmination of research into Neolithic technologies & cultures of the Western Isles.

The erection of stone monoliths that chart the lunar calendar has been described as the “the fall” – a biblical reference to the way in which humans began to see themselves as separate from, and gain control of, the natural environment through the use of technology. This foreshadowing of the anthropocene pulls a thread between the nativity of society, the climate of environmental anxiety that we currently endure and the species’ drive towards salvation/destruction in the externality of space. In collapsing this 5000 year timespan through the use of graphics & film and a soundtrack of vocals & stone instruments we hope to find points of joyous collectivity, a poetic hauntology of rock as records and an impressionistic vision of the liminal places of perception.